protects privacy and data online abine
I’ve been using a great tool called Blur that protects my privacy and data online – check it out! Blur-Abine DNT tracker

Abine is the online privacy company. abine make easy-to-use tools for consumers to control what personal information companies, third parties, and other people see about them online.Although the notion of privacy isn’t new, privacy in an interconnected, digital world is much more difficult to navigate.

Abine is to bring easy-to-use online privacy to everybody who wants it. Since the ways companies collect, share, and sell your data is constantly changing, abine strongly believe online privacy solutions must continuously improve and evolve to address these challenges.
Data collection is a brisk business these days. Companies sell personal data, share it with ad networks and business partners or transfer it to new companies if they’re acquired, said Rob Shavell, Abine’s co-founder.

Google Microsoft and Amazon are paying Adblock Plus huge fees to get their ads unblocked


Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Taboola are paying the owner of Adblock Plus of to unblock ads on their websites at a fee of “30% of the additional ad revenues” they would have made were ads unblocked, The Financial Times reports.

Adblock Plus is the most popular advertising blocker browser extension and has been downloaded more than 300 million times. The free service claims on its website that it blocks “annoying” banners, pop-ups and video ads. Eyeo, the German company that owns Adblock Plus, says the add-on has more than 50 million monthly active users.

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